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Tanmay Bakshi
AI Developer

Tanmay Bakshi, 13, is an Artificial Intelligence developer, algorithm-ist, keynote speaker, author, and YouTuber. His passion for learning and sharing his knowledge drives him to teach subjects like programming, machine learning, AI, math, science, and IBM Watson.
Tanmay tirelessly works to achieve his goal of inspiring and training 100,000 kids and novice developers to create their own solutions. His hope is that they can then continue to innovate and help others.

With his expertise in neural networks and AI, Tanmay is transforming the way technology is used to overcome obstacles in fields like healthcare. An initiative very close to his heart is ‘The Cognitive Story’, and the initial purpose is to help those with disabilities, to allow them to communicate with the world in ways that aren’t possible with ordinary means. Tanmay is helping develop unique languages for those with Rett Syndrome, so they can “speak” through the detection and interpretation of EEG signals analyzed by AI.

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