This talk is a blast! Fourteen-year-old musician and all around giver Aidan Thomas Hornaday delivers a talk on how his passion for music and helping others sparked his global awareness initiative inspiring others at all ages and income levels to give back—now. Highlighted with his live blues harmonica stylings, Aidan tells his own remarkable story and how running to need, not away from it, set him on his journey leading others to serve and share. No matter how small the act of giving, it all matters.

Aidan, 14, has co-created an organization Aidan Cares and has inspired youth from over 30 countries to create their own giving initiatives. This continues through his work with the Harry Singha Foundation’s Youth Leadership Summits. In addition, he has served and shared thousands of hours meeting the needs of others since age 7. He is a gifted teen that uses his harmonica, songwriting and singing along with his words to empower all ages to take action. He is already a world class speaker and sought after by corporations, schools and non-profit organizations worldwide.