Here's just a small sampling of the amazing shows we’ve put on over the years…

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2019 mainstage event - extraordinary

The 2019 Mainstage Event, rightfully themed “Extraordinary,” was held on May 18, 2019 at historic Memorial Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. This event welcomed over 500 attendees and included over 11 different speakers and performers from across the country.


2018 TEDxcincinnati women

The 2018 TEDxCincinnatiWomen Event was a little different than past productions. This smaller, more interactive event welcomed over 250 women and men at the Redmoor in Cincinnati, Ohio on a cold Sunday to watch a stream of TEDWomen and to honor our first cohort of TEDxCincinnatiWomen Honorees.


2018 mainstage event - reinvent

The theme for the 2018 Mainstage Event was “reinvent.” This event was held at Memorial Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio and welcomed over 500 guest. This show included speakers from across the U.S. and even international speakers as well.

Full List of Past TEDxCincinnati Productions:

December 1, 2011: TEDxCincinnatiWomen

May 7, 2012: TEDxCincinnati MainStage - “Change”

October 4, 2012: TEDxCincinnati MainStage - “Every Citizen a Diplomat”

April 4, 2013: TEDxCincinnati MainStage - “Positive Disruption”

October 3, 2013: TEDxCincinnati MainStage - “Sound Ideas”

October 16, 2014: TEDxCincinnati MainStage - “Vibrant Curiosity”

July 9, 2015: TEDxCincinnati MainStage - “Accelerate”

June 16, 2016: TEDxCincinnati MainStage - “Leap”

June 17, 2017: TEDxCincinnati MainStage - “ConnecTED”